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Art Development…What Style For Cosmic Patrol?

Sorry I missed getting up a post last week…but I’ve been down with pneumonia, so hopefully you’ll forgive…starting to dig my way up from sickville and one of those catch-ups is to post a development blog here.

Art…I’ve written a lot about art over the years…in fact over the last several months I provided a very in-depth series of blog posts covering the full scope of developing art for an entire project; the BattleTech sourcebook Handbook: House Liao. Obviously I’ve no intention of being that in-depth here.

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06 2011

Atomolinks: Pulp Art and Artists

Dark Roasted Blend is one of my favorite blogs. I can get lost for hours just clicking around the website, checking out the wacky things they find. DRB had a great post in 2008 that I’ve had bookmarked for a while, and it’s time to share.

Grand Old Times in the Future showcases some of the big names in science fiction pulp art, from Wally Wood to Kelly Freas to Donald Newton.

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06 2010

Passing Greats

Al Williamson passed away today. io9 has a great post featuring a smattering of his pieces, from Flash Gordon to Star Wars. One piece they didn’t show was a cover from Weird Fantasy that Williams created with Frank Frazetta.

Art by Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta

It doesn’t get much better than this! Barbarian warrior fights a space monster while a damsel in a classic fish bowl helmet wields a raygun. Just perfect!


06 2010


Atomolinks: Sweet scifi, pulpy and otherwise awesome things to check out. Use them as inspiration for your own game or just take a look and be entertained.

First Atomolink: Ron Turner cover archive on Flickr!

Ron Turner is one of my top pulp scifi artists. Not only was he incredibly talented, but was also quite prolific. Wikipedia has a nice entry for him here:


06 2010