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Atomolinks: Pulp Art and Artists

Dark Roasted Blend is one of my favorite blogs. I can get lost for hours just clicking around the website, checking out the wacky things they find. DRB had a great post in 2008 that I’ve had bookmarked for a while, and it’s time to share.

Grand Old Times in the Future showcases some of the big names in science fiction pulp art, from Wally Wood to Kelly Freas to Donald Newton.

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06 2010

Passing Greats

Al Williamson passed away today. io9 has a great post featuring a smattering of his pieces, from Flash Gordon to Star Wars. One piece they didn’t show was a cover from Weird Fantasy that Williams created with Frank Frazetta.

Art by Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta

It doesn’t get much better than this! Barbarian warrior fights a space monster while a damsel in a classic fish bowl helmet wields a raygun. Just perfect!


06 2010

Atomolinks: Kelly Freas Prints

The Ark of Mars

Kelly Freas' cover art for Planet Stories September 1953

Amazing cover art is synonymous with the science fiction pulps, and in many cases, was key to their popularity. Kelly Freas was one of the best artists and definitely one of my favorites. Lucky for us, you can check out Northern Star Art for a huge selection of prints, posters and other pieces – some actually signed by Freas! The prices are incredibly good – I purchased a lot of six of Freas’ Planet Stories covers for a paltry $19.99 and was impressed at the quality of the prints. I don’t say it often, but they should be charging more!

Go check out Northern Star Art now!


06 2010


Atomolinks: Sweet scifi, pulpy and otherwise awesome things to check out. Use them as inspiration for your own game or just take a look and be entertained.

First Atomolink: Ron Turner cover archive on Flickr!

Ron Turner is one of my top pulp scifi artists. Not only was he incredibly talented, but was also quite prolific. Wikipedia has a nice entry for him here:


06 2010

Prepare for Launch

Welcome aboard, cadet! Don’t waste time wandering about – sit down, strap in and hold on – it’s time to blast off!

Cosmic Patrol is a new role-playing game that takes you into the wild, retro-future of Golden Age and Atomic Age science fiction. You’ll join the crew of a Cosmic Patrol rocket ship and help fight against the million dangers the cosmos has to offer. Make sure your ray gun is charged, you’re going to need it!

As Cosmic Patrol development really gets going, I’ll be posting about the game and the ideas behind it. This is the first game I’ve developed solo, and I can’t wait to talk about the experience, learn a few things and maybe teach others. I’m not keeping to a firm schedule for posts, but hope to make a few a week.

So, welcome aboard, and thanks for joining me on the ride!

– Commander Matt Heerdt


06 2010