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Behind The Cosmic Curtain: Into The Cosmos Art

In a previous blog post I included the details on the complete art notes for Into The Cosmos, the next Cosmic Patrol book.

I thought I’d share some of the art that’s come in. Once again, the fantastic Leanne Buckley is creating all the illustrations for this next action-packed installment.

Here’s the art notes for one of the new races:


    The Humungulous are a race of giant (compared to humans) explorers that roam the cosmos in their huge, slow ships. Zhop is just one of them, a captain of a small cutter.

    Illustration Description
    Zhop is a standard Humungulous: large oddly shaped head with big bug eyes and short stubby antennas. Their torsos are round and only slightly larger than their heads. They have spindly legs and arms that look much too thin for their bodies. The arms end in hands, but the finger don’t look like they have bones, resembling short tentacles more than fingers. They wear very basic clothes – tight-fitting tunics. For this illustration, Zhop should be looking down between is feet with a very curious look on his face. He’s looking at a Cosmic Patrolman who only comes up to Zhop’s knees.

    Based on these bad boys.

Leanne turned in the follow sketch based off of those notes:


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01 2012

Rayguns Charging!

Welcome to 2012 everyone! I hope you had a great (and not too crazy) holiday week and a fun New Year weekend!

The new year is only two days old and it’s already crammed with great Cosmic Patrol news, starting with this wonderful review from Reviews from R’lyeh. Check it out, Pookie goes in-depth and even creates his own Patrolman, Reginald Mulligan.

And now the really big news: the winners for the Mission and Rocketship contests have been notified! As soon as I get replies, I’ll let the world know who won. Don’t get discouraged if you didn’t win though, all the entries were amazing and we have some ideas in the works…but that’s all I’ll say for now.


01 2012