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Crafting Quick-Start Rules

I’ve written/developed a number of quick-start rules over the years. And during all of that time, it’s almost always a case of taking a many hundreds-page rulebook and condensing it into 24 or 32 pages.

While Shadowrun was rather complex, due to all of the sub-rules sets, BattleTech and Leviathans were relatively straight forward, as huge swaths of the rules could be trimmed out without an issue.

As I announced yesterday, Catalyst Game Labs is participating in the Free RPG Day and in addition to A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG and Shadowrun QSRs, we’re creating a Cosmic Patrol QSR.

However, I’m running into an interesting situation where the rules of CP are so light to begin with, it’s far more difficult than I imagined to shave text. In place of cutting off whole sections and pages, the trimming comes in short paragraphs, sentences and even sometimes snipping out words to try and shave it down enough to fit in a printed QSR.

I am enjoying the work, both for the different skill set it’s flexing, but also as it highlights how tight and sweet the Cosmic Patrol rules really are.

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02 2012

Website Maintenance Complete

Catalyst Game Labs has has recently migrated servers. The new machine is substantially more powerful, which has improved the performance of all Catalyst-hosted websites, forums and the BattleShop store. While we’re confident there are no major issues, if anyone notices any web-related problems, feel free to let us know on the forums.

Once again, thanks for your patience and your passion for our games!

Catalyst Game Labs


02 2012


Catalyst Game Labs is upgrading its server to accommodate our expanding websites and communities using those websites. This should decrease load times on all our websites, as well as expand our ability to respond to website issues.

Starting next week, this website (along with the forums), may be down intermittently for maintenance and migration. We hope to keep that downtime to a minimum.

Thanks for your patience and your passion for our games!

Catalyst Game Labs


02 2012