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Cosmic Patrol At Pax Prime 2012

Catalyst Game Labs will be attending Pax Prime 2012, where you can find the Cosmic Patrol on sale!

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07 2012

GeekDad Reviews Cosmic Patrol!

Hed geekdad

There’s a fantastic review of both the Core Rulebook as well as the recently released Into the Cosmos sourcebook over at

Check it out!

Huge thanks to James Floyd Kelly for tackling our little red book and for providing such a thorough sneak peak/review!


07 2012 Reviews Cosmic Patrol has posted a thorough review of our 2012 ENnie Awards Nominated Cosmic Patrol.

Check it out!

Thanks to Michael for taking the time and interest in our little red book!


07 2012

Cosmic Patrol Nominated In “Best Game” ENnie Awards Category

For those who haven’t heard the news yet, Cosmic Patrol has been nominated in the Best Game category for the 2012 ENnie Award.

There’s some fierce competition in this category…and it’s fantastic that our little red book finds itself in such company. Congratulations to all the nominess…do yourself a favor and check ’em out.

If you’re just finding out about us now, don’t forget to check out the free quick-start rules! It’ll give you a nice taste of all that Cosmic Patrol has to offer…wetting your apetite to take a look at Into the Cosmos, the first sourcebook!


07 2012

Into The Cosmos Print Pre-Order/PDF Available

CAT60100 Into the Cosmos Cover

You are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime! The unlimited cosmos stands before you, full of sights and experiences as wild as your imagination. And that’s the key: imagination. Cosmic Patrol is about creating a story and Into the Cosmos gives you more alien races, characters, missions and rocketships to base your galactic adventures on!

Into the Cosmos features:

  • When in Doubt, Doubt: A new short story of a Cosmic Patrol Intelligence Service agent infiltrating a Hakhaze base!
  • Gazetteer: A series of treatises detailing new parts of a dangerous cosmos!
  • Rocketships: Eight ships Patrolmen may use or encounter while cruising the deep black!
  • Dossiers: New heroes and villains for players to use or fight against. Martians! Hakhaze! Ro-Men! Neptunian Frog Men! Humungulous!
  • Missions: Twenty-three Mission Briefs to challenge even the most courageous Patrolman!

The cosmos has millions of ways to kill you. When it tries, call the Patrol!

Into the Cosmos PDF (Buy From BattleShop)

Into the Cosmos PDF (Buy From DriveThru RPG)

Or grab the print pre-order/PDF combo.


One of the best parts of Into The Cosmos are the eight ships…here’s a sneak peak at one of those ships and its deck plans!

CAT60100 Into the Cosmos Patrol Cruiser Sneakpeak 1CAT60100 Into the Cosmos Patrol Cruiser Sneakpeak 2


Thanks to William Hostman we now have a form-fillable PDF of the Patrolmen Dossiers…check out the downloads page!


07 2012