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Cosmic Patrol At Gen Con 2012 (Updated With Promo Video!)

We’ve got an atomo-awesome promotional video for our favorite little red book…check it out!

The first sourcebook for the Cosmic Patrol Core Rulebook will be available at the Catalyst Game Labs booth at Gen Con:

BOOTH: 1703 (Gen Con Exhibitor Floor Map)

Cosmic Patrol: Into The Cosmos, sourcebook [$24.99; digest size, hard cover, B&W]

You are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime! The unlimited cosmos stands before you, full of sights and experiences as wild as your imagination. And that’s the key: imagination. Cosmic Patrol is about creating a story and Into the Cosmos gives you more alien races, characters, missions and rocketships to base your galactic adventures on!

Into the Cosmos features:

  • When in Doubt, Doubt: A new short story of a Cosmic Patrol Intelligence Service agent infiltrating a Hakhaze base!
  • Gazetteer: A series of treatises detailing new parts of a dangerous cosmos!
  • Rocketships: Eight ships Patrolmen may use or encounter while cruising the deep black!
  • Dossiers: New heroes and villains for players to use or fight against. Martians! Hakhaze! Ro-Men! Neptunian Frog Men! Humungulous!
  • Missions: Twenty-three Mission Briefs to challenge even the most courageous Patrolman!

The cosmos has millions of ways to kill you. When it tries, call the Patrol!


If you’re looking to play some Cosmic Patrol, outside of the demos we’ll be running in the booth, here’s a complete schedule of games you can try and get it on!

    Name [Event # / Date & Time (Duration)]

    HQ: All events are in Hall D (Catalyst Area)

    The Kahn Protocols Part 1: Crash Landing [1238609 / Thursday 4:00 PM (2)]

    The Kahn Protocols Part 2: Abduction [1238610 / Thursday 8:00 PM (2)]

    The Kahn Protocols Part 3: Into the Midden [1238612 / Friday 8:00 AM (2)]

    The Kahn Protocols Part 4: Final Confrontation [1238613 / Friday 12:00 PM (2)]

    Alert: Automen Attack! [1238614 / Friday 4:00 PM (2)]

    Blood of Mars [1238615 / Saturday 8:00 AM (2)]

    Fractum-Triggered Annulment Array [1238616 / Saturday 12:00 PM (2)]

    Zero Hour at Outpost 310 [1238617 / Saturday 4:00 PM (2)]


We’ll have a large-screen TV in the booth showcasing a variety of promotional videos from Leviathans to MechWarior Online, Shadowrun Online to MechWarrior Tactics, and more. Stop on by for a visual feast!


Catalyst will also have the usual additional items for sale of patches, faction/corp custom dice, t-shirts, stachel bags and so on!


For a full list of all books & games premiering at Gen Con, as well as other cool experiences, read the full article.

See ya there!


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