Into The Cosmos Street Date

Into the Cosmos Street Date is SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2012!

Into the Cosmos ($24.99)

You are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime! The unlimited cosmos stands before you, full of sights and experiences as wild as your imagination. And that’s the key: imagination. Cosmic Patrol is about creating a story and Into the Cosmos gives you more alien races, characters, missions and rocketships to base your galactic adventures on!

Into the Cosmos features:

  • When in Doubt, Doubt: A new short story of a Cosmic Patrol Intelligence Service agent infiltrating a Hakhaze base!
  • Gazetteer: A series of treatises detailing new parts of a dangerous cosmos!
  • Rocketships: Eight ships Patrolmen may use or encounter while cruising the deep black!
  • Dossiers: New heroes and villains for players to use or fight against. Martians! Hakhaze! Ro-Men! Neptunian Frog Men! Humungulous!
  • Missions: Twenty-three Mission Briefs to challenge even the most courageous Patrolman!

The cosmos has millions of ways to kill you. When it tries, call the Patrol!


09 2012

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  1. Fabe #

    Pick this up last week,pretty good I like it. Any plans for more supplements ? Also any idea of when the forums might be up and running?

  2. Andy Tucker #

    Seeing this was out actually inspired me to get both it and the core rules together. Marvellous, I’m strapping on my raygun and prepping the rocket tubes for firing already. I’m already considering a more “Free Trader” based game (Andre Norton fan here). For a Free Trader ship I’m taking the patrol cruiser and converting the upper rooms to cabins and a wardroom and puting a turret where the captain’s cabin is, having the rest as cargo space. The ship sort of looks like a certain Planet Express ship already. The next size up would be a Space Freighter, four fins and a lot more cargo space, plus passenger cabins and maybe two turrets. Free traders would have ordinary fracum drives, freighters mostly too, perhaps the big corps could afford a few SLF drive ships but they’d be few and far between. The biggest ships would be Barges, not sleek pointy rocketships but lumbering dumb-bell shaped cargo haulers that are restricted to the solar system only. Intersteller ships would probably have a Cosmic Patrol trained Warrent Officer on board for security (and espionage) reasons. Who’s for a trip to Gny with a cargo of decent Earth booze to see what we can barter out of the locals?

    Incidentally, can’t get into your forum, keep getting this error message-

    “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 94371840 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 6425398 bytes) in /home/mathee3/ on line 688”

  3. 3

    Absolutely we’ll have more supplements. Up next is The Moon Must Be Ours, featuring a massive invasion of the Moon. Gotta get those Moon Men! I’ve just started dev work on it, so don’t even want to estimate a release date.

    I’m going to redo the forums sometime in the next week or so. Sorry guys!

  4. Fabe #

    No Problem Matt,glad to hear the forums are being worked one and the next supplements sounds great. Great job so far on this game.

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