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Cosmic Patrol: The Moon Must Be Ours!
Since the founding of the Cosmic Patrol, the Moon Men have maintained an iron grip on the Moon, forbidding landing of any kind. Wielding the mind powers of dynamo-psychism, the Moon Men have posed a threat to humanity unlike any other. But no more! Mounting the largest invasion in the history of the Patrol, Director Roderick Dyson has given the order: “The Moon Must Be Ours!”

The Moon Must Be Ours! is a campaign book for Cosmic Patrol that puts players into the mysterious and dangerous domain of the Moon Men. Using a unique “choose-your-own-path” structure, players will navigate the massive maze of rooms and tunnels that the Moon Men have created in the sub-lunar surface. Robot! Goo Monsters! Moon Gorillas! Players will have to face them all to win victory for the Cosmic Patrol!

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07 2013

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