Gen Con 2011 Report

For those that follow my various blog posts and facebook updates, you may get tired of hearing this from me…but man I love Gen Con. I love the excitement…I love the geekiness…the costumes…absolutely love the games as far as the eye can see…and of course I do love seeing a new game come out and try to find a community.

Considering all the…um…”issues” of Leviathans (another game I’ve been developing for years, for those not following that blog), it was so nice to see a new game I’d been heavily involved in reach publication.

I had high hopes for the interest we’d have in our little red book as there’s not really much out there covering this style, but even I was surprised when the book made our internal best seller list for Gen Con books.

Here’s some photos that shows our new, awesome, atomic-powered Cosmic Patrol banner, as well as the two fine young ladies that did most of the in-booth demos for the game. The final photo is of the soft-cover Gen Con 2011 Special Edition book.

As mentioned in the previous blog, the standard hard-cover edition will be available towards the end of the year…and the PDF should be available sooner than you can re-fuel your rocketship and drop a new uranium pellet into your atomatic pistols…





In anticipation of the release of the PDF (and for those that purchased the Gen Con Special Edition book), we’ve added a Downloads page where you can find a free PDF of the blank Patrolman/NPC Dossiers.

Till next episode…



08 2011

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  1. KAM #

    Thanks for the Dossier PDF.

  2. Affy #

    Space elf Tina demoed the game for me and convinced me to buy it. I felt like I was playing an Improv game with my comedy troupe. Now I just need to convince my gaming group to put D&D and Pathfinder on hold long enough to try it.

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