Forums Launch and “Win A Writing-Art Slot In Next Cosmic Patrol Book Contest” Announced

First, the Omniwave Communicators are now active…come and join the discussion at the official Cosmic Patrol forums!

Second, as with Leviathans, Catalyst Game Labs is releasing Cosmic Patrol under Creative Commons. This means we not only want players to take Cosmic Patrol in fun, cool new directions, but we support it! The community will always generate fantastic and unique ideas for various aspects of any game and we want to tap that right out of the gate for Cosmic Patrol.

Catalyst Game Labs has begun work on the next Cosmic Patrol book: Into The Cosmos. Among the various sections, it will include a plethora of new Mission Briefs, as well as illustrations of various rocketships, from the Patrol to alien vessels. Here’s your chance to get in on this action!

Here’s the contest details…

1. The contest has the following categories: Mission Briefs and Rocketships:

Mission Briefs: This can include any type of Mission Brief from heavy combat action to an evening of pure role-play without an atomatics pulled at any time. All submissions should follow the Mission Briefs template (word counts, presentation of text style, and so on) established in pages 118 to 133 of the Core Rulebook. If you’re wondering what would make a cool Mission Brief and nothing has come to mind after reviewing the Core Rulebook, just peruse a selection of pulp covers…most will instantly lend themselves to the kernel of an idea you can flesh out into a full Mission Brief.

Rocketships: This can include any type of rocketship inspired by the text in the Core Rulebook. While “cool/new” aesthetics are desirable, they must be wedded to the classic Golden Age Science Fiction style off of which Cosmic Patrol bases all its aesthetics.

2. Anyone can submit for both categories and you can submit any number of times (though each entry must be something new). At, in the General Discussion section of the forums, threads have been added for both categories noted above.

3. Please download and use the CosmicPatrol_MissionBrief_Template as found here when submitting Mission Briefs; simply attach the filled-out rtf template as a submission into the thread as noted above.

If there are submitted Mission Briefs we wish to include with Into The Cosmos, the author(s) will be contacted by Catalyst Game Labs directly. The author(s) will be required to sign a standard Catalyst Game Labs author contract and will be paid for their work at our standard rate and payment terms before we can include the work with Into The Cosmos. The work will also pass through our standard development/editorial process, just as with any other written work published by Catalyst Game Labs.

4. Please submit all rocketship art as a jpg/PDF/png/ or gif, of 256kb or less file size.

Artwork submitted for a rocketship will not be published with Into The Cosmos. We want to have a single, consistent style of art in that book. Instead, a single submitted rocketship illustration will be selected and handed to an artist who will generate the final illustration for the book, based upon the submitted work. As such, focus on having your entry convey your design ideas well; it is not necessary at all to have the illustration be “print ready”.

The person who submitted the winning rocketship illustration will be contacted directly and will be required to sign a contract for the illustration, and will receive both a nominal payment and appropriate “design” credits within Into The Cosmos.

5. While we’d encourage submissions be posted directly to those forum threads noted above, we understand that may not be possible for some. Submissions will also be accepted at, subject line: Win A Writing-Art Slot In Next Cosmic Patrol Book.

6. December 1st. This contest will run until December 1st. The community has until that time to post their submissions, at which time the threads will be locked.

7. While Catalyst Game Labs reserves the final say on what will be accepted for Into The Cosmos, we want the communities involvement in this process. Feel free to let us know which submitted Mission Briefs and rocketship designs you like the best. However, please simply provide an “I like that” or “that doesn’t do much for me” style critiques. This should not be a heavy critique of the nuances of writing/illustrations (please leave that to us), nor should it ever be about critiquing the person brave enough to stand up and put his words/illustrations up for the community to see.

There’s the details. Can’t wait to see what the intrepid Patrolmen out there have to offer!

All questions surrounding this contest should be sent to

Till next episode!



09 2011

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