As with all Catalyst Worlds, art is a high priority for Cosmic Patrol. The following gallery will be populated in the coming weeks and months with additional artwork.

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  1. Brian L. McCleary #

    There’s just something cool about “classic” sci-fi artwork. I love the simplicity and retro feel. It leaves room for imagination and really brings back good memories. I cannot wait to see this product come to life. I hope it stays with this flavor over the ultra realistic digital approach.

  2. 2

    I saw the cover at Gen Con and had to look inside. Great job both visually and in content. I am an immediate fan. The genre is one of my favorites for books and movies and I’ve used it for games like It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show and Savage Worlds. The group play approach with players taking turns as Lead Narrator is simple yet challenging and offers a great deal of creative input from all players. I’m really excited to try it out with my gaming group. Great work so far, keep it up.

  3. Scott Conner #

    Those 3 samples have a very nice line quality, and are of a higher standard that is seen in many RPGs. Kudos to the artist.

  4. 4

    I’m loving the art, and it’s consistent, high quality, and on-theme line art. Whatever you’re paying your artist, you seem to be gettin’ your money’s worth…

  5. Jay #

    These are great designs–love how crisp and clean everything looks. The Cosmic Patrol book itself is really nice!

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