When playing Cosmic Patrol, just like that raygun on your hip, it can be useful to grab some inspiration. This page contains a selection of links to a wide variety of retro, pulpy material, from interior artwork, to those wonderfully lurid covers, to radio dramas, and more!

The site will update as we continue to find great links that provide the inspiration that drives the creation of Cosmic Patrol…we hope they’ll also prove useful for your games. And if you find some links you think would be a great addition, let us know!




The Black Avengers - cover art by Ron Turner


Illustration set by Flickr user “Doc Mars.” While the set features art from Jack Vance stories, it’s a wonderful example of pulp scifi art in general – both cover and interior art.

Grand Old Times in the Future, on the Dark Roasted Blend blog, showcases some of the big names in science fiction pulp art, from Wally Wood to Kelly Freas to Donald Newton.

Kelly Freas was one of the best artists for this era. Check out Northern Star Art for a huge selection of prints, posters and other pieces – some actually signed by Freas!

Ron Turner was an incredibly talented, prolific artist. Check out this Ron Turner cover archive on Flickr!

Another Flckr gallery featuring pulp scif illustrations covering a wide variety of style and artists.

Radio Dramas

Deck Gibson: Far Reach Commander, a Decoder Ring Theatre original sci-fi adventure audio series.


Stephen Marlowe and The Graveyard of Space

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  1. 2

    Oh heck yes…Atomic Rockets and Retropolis are two links I had socked away for future Atomolinks. Mercury Men looks awesomely goofy, and right up my alley. Thanks!

  2. Hamilton #

    ManyBooks has a ton of public domain pulp SciFi available for free download in multiple formats – epub, html, pdf, etc.

  3. 4

    Oh yeah, I love I’ve loaded up my Kindle with far more books from there than I’ve bought from Amazon. Great, great resource.

  4. Scott Conner #

    Both Bradley W. Schrenk’s Retropolis and the Mercury Men series are highly recommended. I can’t say enough good things about both of them.

  5. Andy Tucker #

    Might I also suggest the marvellous “Spaceship Away” magazine.


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