The following FREE downloadable PDFs will help blast you off you into the action of Cosmic Patrol!

Cosmic Patrol Quick-Start Rules
The following Quick-Start Rules include character dossiers and an adventure; you’ll be playing in minutes!

Cosmic Patrol: The Eiger Agenda (Free RPG Day 2013)

2013 Free RPG Day Cosmic Patrol Quick-Start Rules
The following 2013 Free RPG Day Quick-Start Rules include the same rules as the QSR above, but include a whole new adventure!

Cosmic Patrol Blank Dossiers

The Cosmic Patrol Blank Dossier PDF is for use with the Patrol Creation and Non-Player Character Creation rules found in the Cosmic Patrol Core Rulebook.

Form Fillable Cosmic Patrol Blank Dossiers

For those that would use a computer/tablet/smart phone to play Cosmic Patrol, here’s a form-fillable PDF of the dossier.

Cosmic Patrol Missions Brief Blank Word Template


This blank Missions Brief Word template is for use with the Win A Writing-Art Slot In Nex Cosmic Patrol Book Contest (click here for more details).

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    There is no clickable link for the Cosmic Patrol Blank Dossier. Thanks for the Missions Brief Word template. I’m looking forward to trying out this system.

  2. 2

    If you click on the image above, it should take you right to the PDF. If that doesn’t work, you can always from the Blank Dossier PDF here: Hope that helps!

  3. 3

    It should be noted that they’re also available on

    If your collection is mostly via DTRPG or RPGNow (they’re the same place, different color schemes), then you might want to put the freebies in your DTRPG collection for later (or unexpected session) gaming use.


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